Inspiration, Creativity and Marketing

I am sure you find this somehow bizarre. Travelling, Graphic Design, Taxidermy/Hunting… This is just how it happened to be! What would live be without being inspired. You can find inspiration in the smallest things if you are willing to look for it. I continuously developed my inspiration throughout my career as a Graphic Designer in producing marketing and advertising concepts for small and middle class businesses. The motivation throughout my career is to see a successfull project coming to live.

My Studies (Graphic Design with the emphasis as a Creative Director) started in Cape Town – South Africa, following with my career as a freelancer in Namibia. I have managed to work with several small-, medium- and large businesses since 1999. I am continuously involving myself in projects which gives me flexibility to work in many different fields in the industry.

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There is a right and wrong in Marketing!

I do believe that marketing is money well spent, but the outcome of your investment is measured over a period of time. It takes time to see results and marketing is only a tool to help you progress. The key is to continuously grow your business and to work for a specific goal. The what and how to do this, is relevant to the budget and timeframe available to achieve success. My philosophy is to keep it simple, to plan well in advance and I believe that the simple recipes have the biggest impact!

Creative Professionals can make a difference…

I am lucky enough to express myself creatively as a Graphic Designer and even more to enjoy taking picture while travelling Namibia.

Namibia is a playground to constantly learn about photography. Everything that I am doing in terms of photography is self taught and it is only a hobby. Now and then I do get a good shot, if you know what I mean 😉. You are welcome to take a look at my Photo- or Video Gallery here.

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