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A twisted family – a Namibian trip

Hunting, fishing, fun and a photo safari with my brothers from another mother…🤣👍😂😳🙈👍 in Namibia

Oh boy- Namibian trip indeed! What a trip this was! I had so much fun with my friends, the Steffan family from Germany. The whole idea started on Christmas Eve the year before when I visited the family and decided to invite them to Namibia.

I am still not sure whether that was a mistake or not ????. No, it was not a mistake. The Steffan family has been my support in Europe in so many ways and I could not thank them enough for their support. They are all Namibian fans like me and they love the outdoors like me.

I told them that evening that we do it but with the one rule: They will have to accept it to do things as I do. No rules, no planning! They were quite open minded for the idea and I was all ready to surprise them.

The basic idea…

It was a Men’s tour with Christian (the soldier), Mario (the chilled hunter), Manuel (the adrenaline junky and musician), father Werner (the Organiser) and me (Captain No Plan).

Oh boy!!! ???? The first mistake I made was the no rules Idea… My two party buddies took that quite serious. Knowing them for some time already and knowing the way we party, that this was a wrong thing to say. It was about to hit me as soon as I collected them at the airport in Namibia.

Apparently, getting through the security gates, the hunting horns was not familiar to the security personnel. They had to show them how it works and loudly played the traditional hunting melodies so loud, that the whole gate came to a hold. I wish I was there to see this. So it happened and I got the phone call from Frankfurt Airport that they are in the plane, ready for their Namibian trip and the Air Namibia hostesses are very friendly. Oh boy????.

This is a description of a 14 day Namibian trip, a bit abnormal but a fun time in Namibia. It is a complete custom tour. There are thousands of ways to enjoy Namibia and we can assist you with this.

Gladly contact us

Day one:

Camping – Farm life – hunting

The boys arrived early Thursday morning in Namibia. I drove to collect them at the Airport (2 hours drive). Our first five days were to be at our farm Camp and we planned to hunt with Otjimbuku Guestfarm neighbouring our family farm and SFS Hunting Safaris. The idea was mainly to search for Oryx and Warthog. We are all passionate hunters except for Manuel, but that changed on this specific trip.

Early morning close to Hosea Kutako Airport – Namibia

Day two – five:

Hunt for food and Manuel’s agenda:

Location of the first area to visit in Namibia with the Steffan family

We first settled, unpacked and organised the camp. No electricity and only the grill fire, a solar system for small use of lamps and and a gas griller for breakfast and coffee. The hunting camp had no luxuries but still more than enough to be comfortable and we had a very important goal in this time.

Manuel is not a hunter and he had his own agenda on this Namibian trip which we all supported. He eats meat and loves it too but he was fully committed to find out whether he would be able to hunt an animal, skin it and at the same time utilise the food for all of us. He was committed that he would stop eating meat if he fails to do this. We were all supporting him to find out how he can search for his own self. It is a well-debated topic between hunters and non-hunters and we had to also accept his view on this.

The time has come…
With his first stalk we had a perfect opportunity on a very good oryx at 60-70 metres. It was facing away from us and never gave us a good angle to have a good opportunity. We put the rifle down and just enjoy the oryx pass us. The moment was fantastic for him to experience. The stalk was not over even though the light was getting low. Still being 6-7 km away from camp, we suddenly saw three warthogs coming towards us. The guide quickly put Manuel on the sticks and at the right moment, 35 metres away the warthogs stopped and Manuel made a good shot.

We went through the complete ritual, the complete skinning, traditional German hunting-horn-signals, which we normally do after the hunt. The next day we had it in the oven to also consumed the meat.

Audio File – Waidmannsheil!!!

The days at Camp was filled with fun and laughter, singing, emotions and good hunting that followed. We consumed the meat we hunted and also supplied our farm employees with food for at least a month. We took the skins, horns and skull for trophies which we at First Class Trophy mounted for each of them through our ALL Inclusive Concept.

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