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Aru Game Lodges – ethical hunting

Aru Game Lodges in Namibia. A place that I describe as tranquil, well organised, large open spaces and contrasting areas, modern and luxurious, a holiday combined with adventure, ethical hunting and family friendly.

I share with you some of my experiences I had by visiting Aru Game Lodges over several years. Danene and Gysbert, the owners of Aru, runs this family friendly operation and they offer their guests the needed attention and care. The Aru team is always ready to support you with open arms and the feeling that you are a long time family member. It is the combination of their professional approach and the easiness with their daily routines in creating a relaxing surrounding for everyone.

Aru is conducting a hunting operation and also partly eco tourism. That means they utilizes and manage the wildlife that co-exist on their properties. The latest video called “Aru – ethical hunting”, offers you short introduction of Aru Game Lodges.

The emphasis is on hunting and the combination of sustainable wildlife management. Aru is a leader and a good example of how this balance between human and nature can co-exist. Their philosophy as described in their brochure is:

“Fair chase. Ethical. Responsible. Sustainable.”

This is an exact and true picture of what I have experienced at Aru. One of those moments was when I joined a good friend and colleague for his first hunt in Africa on the Eland.

Eland Hunt with Aru Game Lodges & Ken Walker

Ken Walker is our creative director at First Class Trophy and we took the journey on together in visiting Namibia. Our goal was to study certain species. He joined me at Aru Game Lodges for his quest to hunt the Eland for the first time. Ken is a world known taxidermist with 3 times “Best in World” titles on his name. We studied several species at Aru to improve our taxidermy mounts and we succeeded with many new ideas.

Getting ready to hunt, but priorities first…

Ken and Benjamin instantly connected well but to make sure that everything works on the hunt, we firstly went to the practice range. Benjamin was happy with the results from Ken’s solid approach towards gun safety and the shot grouping on the target. On a stalk, safety is important and we drilled it through a couple times.

Ken decided to use the .375 H&H Sauer from the plenty of rifles options at Aru Game Lodges. The .375 is a good and solid caliber for the Eland hunt. The Eland Bull can weigh over a ton and therefore is the bigger caliber the more ethical one to use.

We were both excited like two young boys, but the sundowner was enough for us to enjoy the end of the day with a cold Namibian Beer. Benjamin, with his calm and collected way, joined us as the sun went down with magnificent picture perfect colours. “Tomorrow, I will bring you close to a big herd of Eland. I have spotted some fresh tracks with several bulls.” as Benjamin explained. Oh boy, were we ready and excited.????

Ken Walker on his stalk hunt at Aru Game Lodges

It was an early morning start after a quick coffee and the team ready and geared for us. Benjamin had an idea where a herd of Eland were. We did some spot and stalk on fresh tracks. The wind swirled around and we had to change our strategy a couple times. Benjamin took us up a hill for a better view point and we finally spotted the group of about 30 or more Eland. It was a mixed herd consisting of several bulls and cows. On the stalk we had encounters with Impala, Oryx, Springbuck, Waterbuck, Ostrich and Warthog. It was just breathtaking to experience so many species at Kalakwa.

Benjamin planning his approach at Aru Game Lodges

Walk & Stalk Impressions with Ken Walker and Aru Game Lodges

Thinking back at the fantastic moments Ken and I had, the small details in their approach, the fun and laughter at dinners, the open fire sharing hunting stories, the spacious rooms and the expertise from the guided hunt. The excellent meals! Every dish, every plate is served with passion and delight. It is worth more than 5 stars! It is the all-in-all experiences at Aru Game Lodges that make clients return again and again.

Aru – Who they are

The new video “Who we are”, is a good explanation of introduction to Aru Game Lodges:

A Final quote from the Aru Game Lodges website which I find perfect and on the spot:

“The scenery enveloping you is vast, diverse and postcard-perfect. The game that challenges you is big, fast and wild. And the bond you’ll form with nature is life-changing. This is the spirit of Aru Game Lodges, a family-run safari company with an impressive commitment to sustainable, ethical hunting practices, proven wildlife and habitat conservation efforts, stellar customer service and attention to every detail.”

If you need an offer from Aru Game Lodges, gladly contact us.

Yours in conservation,
Danene & Gysbert van der Westhuyzen
+264 (0)81 129 5536 |

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