Contact to Partner Information for Hunting in Namibia

I would like to invite you to get good and neutral information from Farms or Outfitters through our partnership in Namibia. We have frequent contact with very good and reliable partners and this is why we can offer you a good solid network of great Hunting Outfitters from Namibia.

Due to the wide variety of what Namibia can offer, we would please need your input on your needs or ideas of what you would like to hunt, see, or experience. We will then work on this information to find the best possiblilties out of at least three outfitters to choose from.

We offer you the option to use First Class Trophy Taxidermy as an ALL INCLUSIVE concept.

First Class Trophy is a taxidermy company that offers you an ALL-INCLUSIVE concept for your trophies from (Outfitter) in Namibia. Our service that we offer you is to take care of your trophies “after the shot” with our 360 degrees, all-round package.

ALL-INCLUSIVE package means that we take care of your trophies from the day you leave Namibia until we deliver them at your delivery address in (country of delivery in Europe). For any other country outside Europe, shipping is to (country of delivery) will be done to a major city in (country of delivery) with custom clearance facilities (according to hunters’ preference). Local cost for custom clearance, veterinary cost, local VAT and local delivery within (country of delivery) are not included.

We offer to take care of the complete process within one order. I am personally responsible to answer your questions all the way. We offer you the complete costs in advance (no hidden costs afterwards), so that you can budget for your trip to Namibia. 

The complete process means: INCLUSIVE TAXIDERMY WORK, DIP & PACK, EXPORT DOCUMENTS, SHIPPING AND INSURANCE. To start the process, we only need a 50% deposit payment. The final payment is only due before the final shipment takes place. Our delivery time is 12-14 months from the date of deposit payment.

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