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Farm Style in Namibia

Farm Style in Namibia, the world I enjoy is in the bush, in Namibia, on our Farm, the place where I spent most of my childhood. It is a place where the normal city kid, city dweller, fast living business person is completely out of their comfort zone. The fact is that so many artificial news, fake news, stories are daily created by people, people who has never set a foot on the soil of Africa, that stepping out of this comfort zone is a heavy task. But, if you ask the traveler that visited Namibia, the answer is clear, “I will be back again!”

2019 January – Farmstyle in Namibia, on a walk.

The first question most people ask me is: “Is it not dangerous walking through the bush, snakes, wild animals?” To be honest, it feel more unsafe, walking in big cities than walking through the bush in Africa. You live in a scary place! Being aware of the surroundings is good. It is important always to respect nature and this you learn by experience.

2019 January – spotting a Warthog with newly born piglets.

There are plenty of options for a tour in Namibia and the most visited spot like Etosha National Park, the Namib Desert, in particularly Sossusvlei, the town/city Swakopmund or the Fish River Canyon, these are some of the most interesting and fantastic things to see. But my aim here is something else. It is about understanding the real life on a farm, the people living from its resources. Namibia has some great opportunities in this area where you can experience a Farm Style Guesthouse and feel the atmosphere of truly living on a farm. It is for many visitors a life changing experience.

2018 August – Okaseka Safaris. Donkeys are often used in cattle herds to scare off predators.

The pictures are from our Farm, family and cattle. The part of what I experience with my family.

2019 January – Leopard tracks in a dried up riverbed.

Enjoy a Farm Style or Guesthouse in Namibia:

North-west Namibia: Kovahange Guesthouse
Central Namibia: Ritters Safaris
North-east Namibia: Hamakari Guesthouse
Northern Namibia: Ohange Lodge
Southern Namibia: Kalahari Farmhouse

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