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We create beautiful trophy mounts for proud hunters worldwide…

First Class Trophy is a taxidermy company creating trophy mounts and even more a service to hunters all around the world. We take care of the so-called trophy after the shot until it is delivered back to the hunters’ address in any European country. We offer to take care of the complete service around the trophy, from the day the hunter leaves the hunting destination until we deliver our high-class taxidermy work or skins it his final destination. This is all in a nutshell.

First Class Trophy Taxidermy

We call this our ALL INCLUSIVE taxidermy concept. What we pack into one order is what most hunters handles within several different orders. It is getting more and more complicated with trophy-transport and we take over that stress factor. One invoice, one order through our concept.

There is much more to our company than just taxidermy, but it is our main focus to create the best mounts for each client possible. Mounting a trophy through our ALL INCLUSIVE Namibia concept takes approximately 12 months. It starts with the certification of the cleaning process in Namibia, Export documentation, Import documentation and Veterinary inspections at arrival, the taxidermy process through all its phases, the final packing & crating and finally the delivery. The process takes time and sometimes plenty of explanation with numerous back & forth communication with officials. This all is part of the service we take care of.

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Mounting a Warthog trophy for a client – Taxidermy work in its final stages.

WildTouch – Leather Products with Character

This is our WildTouch product Catalogue. Hand made Leather products with the trophy skins. All individually crafted with quality and character.

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