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Hunting in Bulgaria

Hunting in the oldest europian country – Bulgaria

Located in the south-eastern part of Europe, on the Balkan peninsula, Bulgaria attracts interest with its rich history, with its beautiful and varied nature, with the extensive flora and fauna, ancient hunting traditions,good and comfortable accommodation conditions and the tasty food and wine types for connoisseurs.

Mouflon at Bukovetz – Hunting Preserve in Bulgaria

You can expect top trophies and perfect hunting organization from Bulgaria. Thanks to the sensible hunting policy and the strict hunting and shooting guidelines, the country has high quality trophies.

The density and good quality of the game population, ensure that the hunters return home satisfied and successful. Thus, keep good memories for the unique hunting experiences over the years. In Bulgaria you can harvest trophies from red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, roebuck, mouflon, Chamois, capercaillie and wolf. In 1988, the world record were also set by the red stag, which remains significant today with 273.6 CIC points and 16.2 kilos of weight on free roaming game. More than 15 trophies, rated 250 points, are inscribed in the name of Bulgaria.

Fallow Stag in Hunting Preserve in Bulgaria

Bulgaria offers the excellent opportunity to combine hunting with cultural excursions, a holiday on the Black Sea or even in the ski-resorts or villages.

Kremena have been working in the hunting industry for 20 years as a hunting organiser and interpreter. She would be happy to advise you on the various possibilities of hunting and the requirements that are placed for this hunt. You can rely on her experience and competence. The radiant spark in the happy eyes of the satisfied hunter is very important to her.

Options for hunting in Bulgaria

Gladly contact us if you need any assistance,
Your Kremena Staneva

The hunting areas and huntable species:

1 – Dunav – Ruse
20 000 ha – red stag, wild boar, roedeer, rabbit, pheasant, partridge. Predators – wolf, fox und jackal.

2 – Bukovetz – Elena
20 000 ha – very good red-, fallow -, roe-, mouflon- und wild boar-population. The hunt for wolf is also exciting.

3 – Skalsko – Dryanovo
50 000 ha – wild boar, roedeer, red stag, mouflon, pheasant, doves, quail, snipe. Predators – wolf, jackal and fox.

4 – Rusalka – Apriltsi
8 500 ha – central Balkan Mountains – red stag, wild boar und roedeer. Very good wild boar trophies.

5 – Chekeritza – Rakovski
13 275 ha – typical is pheasant, partridge, doves, quail, rock partridge, ducks, rabbits and roebucks.

6 – Kormisosh – Laki
41 930 ha – red stag, fallow stag, roedeer, wild boar, mouflon, chamois, cappercaille. Predators – wolf, fox and marten.

7 – Aramlietz – Elin Pelin
10 500 ha – red stag, fallow stag, wild boar, mouflon, roedeer and rabbits. Predators – fox, wolf, jackal, weasel and marten. Birds – pheasant, partridge, quail & doves.

8 – Iskar – Samokov
4 000 ha – red stag, fallow stag, wild boar, mouflon, roedeer. Predators such as wolf, jackal, fox, marten and Еuropean polecat. Birds – pheasant, partridge, quail duck & doves.

9 – Vitoshko Studena – Pernik
16 175 ha – wild boar, red stag, fallow stag, mouflon, rabbit, partridge, pheasant. Predators – fox, wolf.

10 – Izvora – Devin
9 000 ha – Chamois, red stag, fallow stag, mouflon, roedeer, wild boar and cappercaille. Predators – wolf, fox, marten and European polecat. More birds – doves and quail.

Gladly contact us if you need any assistance,
Your Kremena Staneva

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