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Introducing hunting outfitters

What is the purpose of this website?

It is a question visitors ask me: “What are you actually selling here?”. It is very easy to answer: “I offer my support to hunting outfitters with another platform for exposure and marketing and in return they introduce our concept of taxidermy work to their hunters. This is the main focus!”

First Class Trophy Taxidermy

Your hunt is only finished when your trophy hangs on the wall!

We (First Class Trophy) offer you the opportunity to have direct contact to your outfitter. Our business is taxidermy and we could offer you our services with our all inclusive concept in Namibia through First Class Trophy Taxidermy, click here.

Marketing for Hunting Outfitters:

I am combining several things from socialising, travelling, hunting, road shows, taking pictures to create marketing concepts for the hunting outfitters. I mainly create exposure for showcasing what these individual companies can offer. Every area has its uniqueness and I try to portray this through my posts. Yes, I support the hunting industry and I believe that hunting through sustainable and conservational methods, is one of the best concepts to date, in securing wildlife for future generations.

I have the privilege to visit Namibia, which is my birth country, every second to third month and do my rounds in either a quick visit, collecting trophies or to join a group of hunters. This is mainly Namibia because it is where my roots are, my family and above all, I love this country. I have also realised due to my residence being in Germany, that not only Namibia has its hidden gems, but also other countries. I have met so many wonderful hunters and huntresses from all over the world and the adventures that they have been living. I had to through my curiosity start to explore this myself. Hungary and Bulgaria is my new focus and I was well surprised with the opportunities that awaited me. That is why you see the combination on the flyer: “Hunting in Namibia and Bulgaria!”

Herewith the Booklet in German: Auf deutsch anschauen

The project – “Hunting in Namibia & Bulgaria!”:

The above brochure consists of the outfitters which financially supported my project to help in promoting them throughout Europe. Below are some randomly chosen pictures from Outfitters, myself and on tour:

Here is the list of Partners taking part in this project:

Namibia: Ibenstein Hunting Safaris, JJ Hunting Safaris, Georg-Ferdinandshöhe Jagdfarm (now Kovahange Safaris), Ondjiviro Hunting Safaris, Ndumo Hunting Safaris, Sesembo Hunting Safaris, Otjimbuku Jagdfarm, Omalanga Safaris, Okaseka Hunting Safaris, Otjiruze Safaris, Portsmut Game, SFS Hunting Safaris, Namibia Safaris Corporation.  Bulgaria: Balkan Hunters Club and Bukovetz.

Other Partners from our concept, click here.

Please contact me for more information, contact us.

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