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Kovahange Safaris Namibia

Kovahange Safaris – a cocktail of contrasts:

Kovahange Safaris, known previously as Georg-Ferdinandshöhe Guestfarm. The word “Kovahange” is a taken from the Herero language meaning: “arrived by the friendly/warm-hearted/good-natured”. This describes Kovahange Safaris very well.

Beautiful Sunset scenery at Kovahange Safaris

A cocktail of contrasts! The cocktail is mixed to the preferences of your tastes and you can mix and match different taste to fit your needs. This is the feeling I have when visiting Kovahange Safaris. You can match many things which will make your stay enjoyable at Kovahange Safaris. Not only about Kovahange but also about Namibia. I have learned again the two different reasons for making Namibia so lovable:

  1. Namibia has the ability to be extreme versatile in terms of acceptance. Acceptance starting from vegetation, habitat, wildlife and even all Namibians living in these hard & harsh conditions. From droughts to economical crisis and then suddenly good rains again. It is a true miracle to see the change within the wildlife and habitats when the rains finally came. The metamorphosis is unbelievable and I had the opportunity to experience this in Namibia and especially at Kovahange Safaris. The rains came and everything blossomed, also everyone that went through this dark and difficult time. Then came Covid-19 and struck the world with full force. The complete tourism sector came to a hold in Namibia. We were so happy to share the green and wet Namibia with the world, but no, we have to wait again. This is hurting Namibians tremendously and still, they carry on with accepting the situation. Namibians are truly friendly, warm-hearted and good-natured.
  2. Kovahange Safaris – a very special area in Namibia. It has hilly, rocky, savannah bush, acacia bush sections, mountain habitats and Camelthorn trees in sandy plains. The area makes a true mixture of many environments which makes Kovahange Safaris unique.

I have met Georg & Louise Engelhard last year (2019) through several visits in showing them what we do in First Class Trophy Taxidermy. 2019 was one of the hardest years I have ever experienced in Namibia. It also knocked them very hard with the severe drought and even then, they treated me as a welcome guest. I decided to visit them again over a weekend with my sister, husband, son Coenraad, Kremena and their trainee Johannes from Germany. We took the chance to enjoy the tranquility of the farm and not do any business, just to get the mind away from all the day-to-day activities. It was a wonderful stay and we had a time to rest and a time to party.

Kovahange Safaris – Sundowner

Kovahange Safaris not only accomodate hunting guests, but also guests discovering our Namibia. They cater for Bed & Breakfast or even the campers who are on their way to explore Namibia. Kovahange Safaris is a perfect middle way from Windhoek to Etosha Park and also for guests on their way to the coast like Swakopmund or the Namib Desert.

Kovahange Safaris – Accommodation

Kovahange Safaris offer guests with 4 ensuite rooms and 4 equipped camping sites. Their facilities is surrounded with a farm-like atmosphere with lots of space to enjoy a cup of coffee or to just relax at the swimming pool to read a book.

The farm activities include hunting, recreational activities such as offroad trails, sundowners, walks and game viewing.

Kovahange Safaris Campsite

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