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Motorcycle Tour in Namibia – Mad Guys Tour

Get back in the saddle …

A motorcycle tour, as if it was yesterday but it is already 10 years ago. I had to give up the most exciting part of an adventure from Namibia. Since I have moved to Germany 8 years ago, that urged to get back into the saddle has never left me. It is like an itch that needs to be scratched.  

A Bike ride in Namibia is the most fun you can ever have looking for an adventure. Those gravel roads, it is rough, it is full of surprises and you have to be focused all the time. It is not for the softies…????, meaning that you have to accept things as they are and if you like to complain about things, you should not even think about a tour like this. It can be tricky, slippery, rocky, sandy, unknowingly and that surprise warthog with only one thing in mind, to cross the road from nowhere????…

This is only the small details of what to expect. With caution and respect to these factors, you could have the best experience on this tour. I am not even close of being an experienced rider and I have had a couple but falls because I was not concentrated, still I would do this every day again.

Motorcycle Tour in Namibia close to Bethanie – South Namibia

The GS 650 was my second motorcycle I had in Namibia. I trade a Kawasaki Semi-off-road KLR 650 for this one. It is not as heavy as the 1200’s and I coped quite well with it. Everyone has a different opinion and I honestly don’t care. You need to just ride out – no matter with what…

Which Motorcycle is the Best?

The more experienced riders enjoy the 450’s through the sand. It is easier to control and handles well on the gravel roads. On the tour described here, we will ride without any luggage on the motorcycle to make it even easier. A back-up vehicle with spares and all luggage will travel with the tour. This makes everything safer in case an emergency is needed. 

Motorcycle Tour in the Namib desert – Close To the Spitzkoppe in Namibia

What is so good about this tour?

A Large part of Namibia is as we say: “A piece of earth God made in anger.  This is what you will see from the second day onwards. You will experience a small part of the wildlife of Etosha National Park. We are proud about this sanctuary and is something not to miss. The next section is to take you into the Kaokoland and Damaraland. This is where the Owahimba tribes move around.

Black Rhino at Etosha National Park

Etosha is a well known and frequently visited and a good start to just ease into the visit in Namibia. The Park is huge and we will only have one day to scratch a small area of it. 

Damaraland – Motorcycle Tour

Experience the Owahimba tribes

You might feel the emptiness inside you, the heat will make you crazy. Namibia will test you all the way. Take time to experience the area, the vastness the silence, the mountains and the well adapted wildlife. Do not rush this! You need to be open to live the ride…

Owahimba Women at their settlement close to Brandberg Mountain

This tour was approximately 2400 km. Accommodation options on the Mad Guys Tour is about experiencing nature. Our goal is not to travel longer distances then 250 – 350 km per day. I do not recommend this to travel single on a motorcycle. It should be with a group or with a well-organized tour operator and experienced with motorcycle tours. If you need advice, do not hesitate in contacting me.

Mad Guys Tour map through Namibia

Through a well-organized tour operator in Namibia, African Motion Tours, we have a well worked out 11 day tour for minimum of 4 up to 8 guests. It consists of:

Mad Guys Tour – untouched northwest of Namibia

11-day, challenging off road through the untouched northwest of Namibia (Kaokofeld , Damaraland , Dorob Park

Planned Route: Windhoek – Etosha Park – Kunene River -Epupa Falls – Orupembe – Purros – Twyfelfontein – Swakopmund – Windhoek 

Route profile: ± 60% off road , 40% gravel road

Bikes: Suzuki 400 DRZ S

Mad Guys Tour Namibia – EnglishDeutschBulgarian

Gladly contact me if you need assistance to book this tour

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