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Otjiruze Safaris – A hunting adventure in Namibia


Every outfitter has its own way of dealing with the hunting adventure and their guests. Otjiruze Safaris is unique in this sense and I promise you, it will be a hunting adventure you will not forget. What you see is what you get! The day is always filled with laughter, jokes, fun and the tease about whatever happened around the hunt in that day. It is the real deal and it is a full time hunting adventure. Nevertheless, are they very professional while hunting and they have the ability to find excellent quality of trophies. They will bring you the opportunities and the after that, they will bring that smile on your face.

The Rogl family consist of three brothers, Alex, Markus and Werner with their mother Barbara. They together with their families, form the heart of the Safari company. This is a family-run operation and is one of the oldest, most experienced hunting and safari operations in NAMIBIA. They are known for their finest plains game and big game hunting, as well as unique photographic and fishing safaris throughout southern Africa.

Otjiruze Safaris Locations – Otjiruze, Schenkswerder and Okawaka

They offer three luxurious hunting lodges (Otjiruze / Schenckswerder / Okawaka) in different areas of Namibia. With over 30 huntable game species and an exclusive hunting area of 85 000 hectares. All their safaris are tailor-made which offer guests an individual spectrum of what they want on their safari or hunting adventure.

Otjiruze Farm Accommodation & Impressions

Schenckswerder Farm Accommodation & Impressions

Okawaka Farm Accommodation & Impressions

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