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Safari is the closest form of an adventure you can ever have. The level of adventure is what you decides on what it should be. A game plan important to get it started. Whether your adventure is a normal photo safari with no big challenges, this is up there you. I garrenty you that on a safaris expidition, you have to be ready for something unexpected. It is just part of being in Africa. Searching that thrill is not the same for everyone, but it is for sure a story to tell when you are back home again.

I am one of those that like to push myself to seek something that makes my adrenaline levels rise. But still with the calculated risks.

Helicopter Flight over the Khomas Hochland in Namibia
Helicopter Flight over the Khomas Hochland in Namibia

Safari is for everyone…

Wait! I am just talking about the adventure side. A Safaris is as much fun as that thrill seeking adventure. Namibia has so much to offer for young and old, from hiking and camping to luxury fly-in Tours in secluded areas.

Before you think about the adventure and what to do, you need the basis of a safari. Where to go, rental vehicle for a self drive tour, guided tour and what to see. This is about the basics and then there is the adventure side if you would like it.

Keep a close eye on the posts about my thoughts on adventures.

Ideas: Motorcycle Tours, Fishing Safaris, Hunting Safaris,

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