The Hunt

The hunt! It’s is a word that describes so many things for me. That privilege to experience nature, that walk in the African bush or even that smell of the morning air. The adrenaline rush when a herd of Gemsbuck pass within 20 meters of you. No matter where in the world, whether it is walking towards the high-seat in Europe or the stalk in Africa. The experience you capture in that moment is what “the hunt” means to me.

It is about the effort you have to take to understand nature and to get close and personal in situations, to harvest an animal and to respect what you did. The respect you should show nature in all its forms. When a decision is made to take that shot, the decision you made, should always be firstly with respect. Secondly is to know that the harvested animal has to be put to good use, which I do. That is my moto when I am hunting. Providing food for myself and for all who can relate to eating healthy meat. The rest is a gift for remembrance und also put to good use. 

This is what we do at First Class Trophy Taxidermy. We create beautiful trophy mounts, leather products and tanned skins for hunters to remember their experiences hunters have travelling the world.

Hunting is not what I just do, it is a part of who I am and how I grew up in Namibia. It is lately such a highly debated topic and I am not having this page to provoke anyone about what I do as a hunter. It will not change my opinion nor will it change many other hunters that share this same opinion. End of discussion…

I am part of First Class Trophy Taxidermy in Europe. We work with several outfitters from Namibia, South Africa, Greenland, Sweden, Bulgaria and other countries around the world. We serve the trophy hunter that hunts worldwide with their hunting experiences “after the shot”. Part of the is also WildTouch leather Products, which is directed for the trophy skins of hunters.

I am providing my experiences and will share information about certain places to visit as a hunter. I am discreet about what I share. 

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