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Your best get away place is Namibia

Get away from yourself, can you do that? The best place to be is where your soul is happy! This is what Namibia offers me.

Spreetshoogte Pass on the way to Solitaire – Namib Desert

Why Namibia?

It is the combination of many things but mostly the simplest things which makes you enjoy a country like Namibia. It takes you a couple days to realize that the world turns slower here and that you have to sit down and firstly breath.  Can you do that? ….   Good.

Sundowner at Namibia Safari Corporation on the edge of the Namib Desert

Then listen.

It is the purest sounds and even, sometimes just nothing. It is not planned to what you hear, but it connects you to something more than your everyday life.

This is where have find your soul. The soul part is important and no need to explain that more because you need to find that for yourself.

The next part is the African scenery, variety of wildlife, the people and the cuisine. It is worth every cent that you will spend in Namibia. It is not for free, but very valuable for a country like Namibia. Your money contributes for plenty of good causes. Don’t forget that.

Sundowner at Otjiruze – Okawaka

The good thing about visiting Namibia, whether hunting or just as a non-hunter on a photo Safari. You can find a place for your needs. From Luxury to a simple farm-style bungalow. From free roaming areas on cattle fenced farms to open concession areas of million hectares. It is all possible and every place has its price.

I am presenting a group of outfitters from Namibia and Bulgaria. These are all friends and partners to our All Inclusive concept for taxidermy.

Through First Class Trophy Taxidermy, the opportunities arises every now and then to visit these Farms and areas in Namibia.

Herewith the Booklet in German: Auf deutsch anschauen

Gladly contact us if you need any assistance,
Your Kremena Staneva

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